How build to rent homes can solve Australia’s housing issues

How build to rent homes can solve Australia’s housing issues

There are lots of opportunities in the emerging build to rent industry in Australia, and it has a way of helping to alleviate the leasing challenges in Australia.
While the build to rent term may sound strange or new to most Australians, it is not new in most of the developed world, and adopting it in Australia, will bring succor to the growing populace in their increasing demand for both comfortable and affordable property to rent.
But how can build to rent help improve or solve the renting woes in Australia? In this article, we have identified 5 important areas where build to rent will help improve.
How build to rent can improve Australia renting challenges

More properties, more options

Once build to rent is adopted in full scale, there will be a plethora of options for renters. More properties will be built because more people will go into commercial property investment, which will, in turn, increase the number of properties available for rent.
This will help people rent exactly what they need, and not take whatever is thrown at them. When people live in areas or properties they need, they’d not overpay for services or utilities they do not use.

More competition leading to lesser renting fee

Since more people will be interested in commercial property investments, the competition as a result of many investors who are starting to grab build to rent investment opportunities will increase. As a result of the many build to rent investors who will be building new properties, there will be a reduction in renting fees which is just what the entire thing is all about for the renters.

Passive income for investors

Build to rent will change the idea for commercial property investment, people will not just build properties for capital gains, but for the long term passive income. This will generate even more profit for commercial property investors.

Stability for families with kids

The various families with kids can then enjoy stability since the properties they occupy is built for renting and no returning owner to force the occupant to evacuate the building. This is especially important for families with kids who would then have to change schools for their kids and have to start life afresh in a new environment. This stability can bring security to these families. Families will also have the freedom to make certain tweaks to their apartments, like repainting the kids’ room, running a makeover to their apartment, etc. These shows build to rent allows for even more freedom.

More opportunities for non-commercial property investors

Not everyone wants to be a commercial property investor, some just want to invest in a business that will generate consistent cash flow, so an increase in the number of build to rent houses will help such business people flourish, since they will see new business opportunities in more areas, like starting a mall, transport business, fruit shop, etc.
In the end, build to rent has the key to solving the housing challenges in Australia, it’s just a matter of time before the full effect will begin to be felt across the country.