The Connection between Scent and Sexual Attraction

human-bodyTyra Banks said, “I love the confidence that makeup gives me.” Women wear makeup for various reasons. Whether they get a lift from putting on lipstick, feel flawless from a covering of foundation, or a lovely lilt from luxurious lashes, makeup helps. Patients who get surgery or treatment often prefer makeup to lessen the impact of a recent procedure. Other women use makeup for protection against the emotional wounds people can’t see. It gives an emotional bounce. Finally, women use it because they love it. They enjoy opening a new bottle of mascara or getting the latest cosmetic bag with the gifts included. The benefits encourage women in divers times during their lives.

Russian volume eyelash extensions fill in the gap for women when the emotion and literal senses need it. These eyelashes present a full and lengthy look, and they do what other lashes cannot do. This new technique uses 3 to 6 thin extensions on one eye lash to fill in the necessary places of the lash. The appearance is natural and light not thick with the weighty labored view many others give. Russian extensions offer quality eyelashes to women with first class service and guarantee a beautiful, finished appearance.

Russian volume eyelash extensions allow technicians to use modern techniques with their clients. Skilled and qualified technicians satisfy each client with superior service and excellent materials used in the specifications of each customer. The lash technicians go through extensive training and come to Luxx Lash as board licensed estheticians and cosmetologists. Plus, employed technicians must complete a comprehensive, across the board training program through the 6 level in-house training certified lash program before they have the honor of wearing Luxx Lash stylist near their name. Service includes eyebrow and eyelash extensions, volume lashes and sunless tanning. Other services include waxing for chest, legs, and many parts of the body. The upscale spa atmosphere is modern, and every item and technique are up to date.

New patrons receive a thorough questionnaire which gives the technician a clear idea about what works for that individual customer. It’s specific not one lash fits all. Once the new customer gets the Russian extensions treatment, including the consultation and professional service, they can become a member. The benefits of becoming a Luxx membership means you get 1 relash per month, special member pricing on all primary services, 10% discount off regular retail products, a complimentary swag bag when you join, and special invitations to events. These privileges are available for a one time fee of $35.00.

Two locations in Richardson and Addison, Texas offer first class service to each clients The customized service allows each customer to start small and grow with more lashes as they become more familiar and confident with each application. Enjoy a new look or use Luxx lashes to promote a positive outlook. Whatever the occasion or reason, professional lashes done with care, consideration and confidence ensure a pleasant and satisfying session. The first-class service is affirming and well worth a visit to try Russian volume eyelash extensions.